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James Wellington

James Wellington

“James generated $560,000 in Six Months ($1.01M  in 12 Months) using the TAP lead generation system. James took his Digital  Marketing Agency from $0 to $30,000 a Month in the first 90 days using this system.”

Melanie Brandt

Melanie Brandt

“Melanie is a online business coach and has used the TAP lead generation system to explode her business into $100,000 months.”

Alex Morris

Alex Morris

“Alex was able to create a $20,000 per month business working 15 – 20 hours per week using the proven TAP lead generation system to attract new clients.”

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Are you looking for a lifestyle change and interested in learning how to become a Digital Marketer? The flexibility of a career as a Digital Marketer is like no other. If you wish to live a life without limits and love what you do too, please click on the link below and talk to the team at Digital Marketing School. This is where I learned the skills of Digital Marketing and created a life I now love. 

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