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The TAP system is a pipeline of digital marketing components designed to bring high quality, convertible leads to your business through social media paid advertising.
Like a tap, the TAP system can be turned on and off as your business needs require. The intention of the system is to target your ideal client, attract them via an irresistible offer and then present them with your services. 


Part of the initial process is to consider who your ideal client is. What are they interested in, where do they live, what is their age, where do they visit online? These are the people likely to be drawn to your advertisement. You must know the fish we are trying to catch,


Share a relatable story that your ideal client will stop the scroll and want to read. Let them see that you are their kind of person and your services are what they need. Empathise with their current problems and frustrations. A simple eGuide, educational PDF or giveaway gives the client a sample of who you are and what they can expect to receive and feel by working with you. You must choose the correct bait to attract the right fish. 


 Showcase yourself and your offering to your client as by now you are familiar to them and they are ready to hear you. You must reel in your prospective client authentically and naturally. 

Social Media Marketing is the use of Social Media platforms to connect with your audience, to build your brand and create trust with prospective clients.

Social Media Marketing, through advertising is used to direct traffic to websites and landing pages and is able to automate the leads process for professional service providers.  

As an avid user of social media platforms myself, I have many times been the recipient of targeting advertising campaigns and so know first hand of its effectiveness.
For service providing professionals, I am yet to see a system that delivers more results for business owners than the TAP system. Imagine an automated lead generation system that makes you sales while you sleep

Online Marketing Campaigns

A social media presence in this day and age is vital. To compete within your professional industry and stand out as a top provider, you must be visible online. Having an online presence allows your future clients to learn who you are and what services it is that you offer, while also building familiarity and an eventual sense of trust. 

An online marketing campaign is tailored to your business and what it is specifically that your clients are seeking from you as a professional service provider. 

Research into your ideal client is key to knowing what it is your client is seeking from you and your services. I work with you to achieve an online strategy that is aligned to your business needs and presents your business in the light you wish for it to be shown. 

A comprehensive marketing campaign can consist of a lead form advertisement strategy to test your market, through to extensive funnel building, inclusive of landing pages, automated calendar bookings and retargeting strategies for the prospective clients that are slowly considering your services.


Data analysis is also key to ensuring the ongoing viability of the marketing campaign.

Lead Generation

Many business owners are concerned they spend more time looking for potential new clients than they do practicing their profession. 

A digital marketing Lead Generation system allows the world of Social Media to find prospective clients for you.

Using specific targeting methods on Social Media, your business message and services are directed to the very people who are your ideal client and seeking your professional services, and not simply dropped into a sea of people irrelevant to your niche. 

Traditional methods of cold calling and emailing are proven to have a lower conversion rate than lead generation systems as via a lead generation system, the client is drawn to you and already showing an interest in the services you provide. 

A lead generation system can be as simple as a prospective client providing you with an email address and phone number for you as a professional to make contact, in exchange for a free gift or guide, through to an automated messenger or calendar booking system, through to ongoing retargeting of warm leads. These options are all considered and designed specifically for your business and its current needs. 

As part of the lead generation process, advertising copy and imagery and a call to action is created and tested on an ongoing basis for maximum results. 

Ongoing leads are vital for business growth. I bring in the leads and you convert them to clients.

Email Marketing

Showing up consistently is key to building trust with your clients. Being visible across various platforms is also an integral part of the success. 

Using email marketing you are able to keep your clients informed of relevant changes, key dates of interest and invite to specific events. 

From weekly or monthly emails, newsletters and promotions, an email marketing strategy ensures you build and strengthen an ongoing relationship with your existing and prospective clients. This strategy is also effective in warming prospective clients to your business in a gradual and friendly manner.

While you decide which services you're ready to invest in..

16 Step System for Obtaining High Quality Leads on Facebook.

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