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Generate leads and appointments with my personalised marketing solutions just for you!

16 Step System for Obtaining High Quality Leads on Facebook.

Are you a professional serviced based business ready to alleviate your worries of lead generation!?

Are you ready to use Social Media to reach your goals by leveraging the fact they are already searching for you in the palm of their hands!

Let's get you seen!

Online Marketing Campaigns

An online marketing campaign is tailored to your business and what it is specifically that your clients are seeking from you as a professional service provider. 

Lead Generation

A lead generation system can be as simple as a prospective client providing you with an email address and phone number for you as a professional to make contact, in exchange for a free gift or guide, through to an automated messenger or calendar booking system, through to ongoing retargeting of warm leads.

Email Marketing

From weekly or monthly emails, newsletters and promotions, an email marketing strategy ensures you build and strengthen an ongoing relationship with your existing and prospective clients. This strategy is also effective in warming prospective clients to your business in a gradual and friendly manner.


"After 15 years of working within Financial Services, I now work with small to medium sized service providing businesses assisting them to create a Digital Marketing strategy that enables them to be found online by the very people that are searching for their services. A targeted marketing strategy shines a light on your business and in turn, once converted into a client, grows your business."



Digital Marketing can seem complex however it is only limited by your imagination and how you wish for your business to be seen online.

While technology has made it easier than ever to have an online presence, for many businesses, navigating this space is daunting and requires time they do not have.

A Digital Marketing strategy tailored for your business can give you back time and generate your business leads and appointments allowing your business to grow.

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James Wellington

“James generated $560,000 in Six Months ($1.01M  in 12 Months) using the TAP lead generation system. James took his Digital  Marketing Agency from $0 to $30,000 a Month in the first 90 days using this system.”


Melanie Brandt

“Melanie is a online business coach and has used the TAP lead generation system to explode her business into $100,000 months.”

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Alex Morris

“Alex was able to create a $20,000 per month business working 15 – 20 hours per week using the proven TAP lead generation system to attract new clients.”

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